Meet The Team

Mia Falstein-Rush, Festival Director

Mia Falstein-Rush has been immersed in the Australian film scene since 2006, her work extending across production, film festivals, and local screenings. A graduate in Film Theory from the University of Sydney and former Vice-President of their Film Society, Mia went on to establish and curate Bad Palace, a fortnightly genre film night, and worked as a filmmaker in both low-budget and commercial settings. She has also since worked for and collaborated with a number of film institutions spanning the east coast of Australia, including Australia’s Silent Film Festival (Sydney), Valhalla Social Cinema (Melbourne), Young At Heart Film Festival (Melbourne), and Stranger With My Face (Hobart).

Holly Ryder-Ingham, Festival Producer

Holly Ryder-Ingham is a filmmaker and digital artist. She has produced, directed and edited several short films and installations, which have been screened and exhibited locally. After graduating from Sydney College of the Arts she contributed to a number of film festivals including the Young at Heart Film Festival, Possible Worlds Canadian Film Festival, Kino Sydney and Sydney Underground Film Festival. Since moving to Melbourne, she has become involved in various Melbourne arts organizations, such as Channels Video Art Festival, Colour Box Studio and Next Wave Festival.

Nina Drakalovic, Marketing Coordinator

Nina Drakalovic has had a love of cinema ever since her mum let her stay up late on a school night to watch Sound of Music. From then on she was hooked on the magic of movies. Combining her double degrees in journalism and graphic design, Nina works in marketing and media, using the power of words and images to communicate ideas. She greatly admires Jane Campion and Sofia Coppola, and believes female filmmakers play an important part in helping cinema to flourish and remain dynamic for generations to come.

Eleni Sarris, Volunteers Coordinator

Eleni Sarris was captivated by film as a child and has dedicated herself to exploring all areas of the medium since her teens with frequent visits to the local video store, and later to the Melbourne Cinémathèque where she developed a penchant for garish colours, melodrama and unexpected dance sequences. In 2013, she became involved with Valhalla Social Cinema in North Melbourne and is currently their Volunteer Coordinator.